Shereen Dindar

Content strategist with a knack for design and a penchant for data. But mostly, I lead.

First, I wanted to change the world, then I wanted to write about it, and now I want to find beauty in it.

Yahoo Canada

(Fun, sometimes silly, writing samples)

National Post

(Fun, mostly health, writing samples)

Ryerson Review of Journalism

(In-depth, heavily researched, writing samples)

Side note: If you’ve landed here, you probably want to see some of my writing because you’re considering hiring me. Here’s what you should know. The UX writing I do these days isn’t easy to post in an online format, so I’ve posted a small sample of my light journalism writing from many moons ago. If you would like to see current writing samples, I’d be happy to provide them upon request.

My career has morphed from one of exclusive online writing and editing to one that requires a whole host of other design, business, technical and leadership skills. But at heart, my passion remains writing and editing and I welcome the opportunity to stay connected to my craft.

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