Shereen Dindar

Content strategist with a knack for design and a penchant for data. But mostly, I lead.

First, I wanted to change the world, then I wanted to write about it, and now I want to find beauty in it.

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Side note: If you’ve landed here, you probably want to see some of my writing because you’re considering hiring me. Great! Here’s what you should know.

The UX writing I do these days isn’t easy to display here, so I’ve posted a small sample of my light journalism writing from many moons ago. If you would like to see my current UX writing, I’d be happy to provide a portfolio upon request.

My career has morphed from one of exclusive online writing and editing to one that requires a whole host of other design, business, technical and leadership skills. But at heart, my passion remains writing and editing and I welcome the opportunity to stay connected to my craft.

Are you offering the right opportunity? Reach out on LinkedIn and let me know!